Proteco, Granzotto, Alfier, GabatelProteco, Granzotto, Alfier, Gabatel
Before the project, the Piazza Drago area acted as a connection point between the inland and the shore. The old bus terminal will now be moved to this urban area inappropriately called a “piazza” (square), which will become a place where tourists arriving in Jesolo are welcomed. Improvements made to the road system, and especially to the centrally located via Bafile - the Rambla of Jesolo - along with new parking areas, water parks and public green areas, and the verticality of Mizar and Alioth, will create a new access point for the city.
Cascina del Mar
Exotic Village
Fronte Mar
I Giardini di Jesolo
Isola Blu
Jesolo Golf Club
Jesolo Lido Village
Jesolo Magica
Laguna Park
Le residenze al Golf
Le Torri Drago
Merville, casa nel parco
Oriente 35
Parco centrale
Parco Equilio
Piazza Brescia
Piazza Casabianca
Piazza Drago
Piazza Mazzini
Piazza Milano
Porto turistico
Residenza +39
Stej Palace
Stella del Mar
Tee 10
Torre Aquilea