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Art in the city 2010

01 September 2010

The final instalment of "Art in the city 2010", the contemporary art exhibition organized by the Polin Gallery of Treviso, continues in September. "Art in the city" presents works by the leading names on the Italian and international art scene in various restaurants and hotels in Jesolo. Korean artist Choi Yoon Sook is showing her works at Lido 18 (Piazza Torino), in the public rooms of the hotels Croce di Malta (Via Altinate, 6), Santiago (Piazza Torino), Baia del Mar (Via Altinate, 5) and Park Hotel Brasilia (Via Levantina, 3), and in the restaurants Pizzeria da P...
Salus per aquam

31 August 2010

The first floor of Merville, above the shopping arcade and showrooms at ground level, will be home to a brand-new Spa with 1400 square metres of floor space. This major project is an important part of the urban development of the Pineta area of Jesolo characterized by pine forest and will stand as a distinctive landmark housing an innovative, modern, cutting-edge residential complex. The Spa will be an additional facility that adds to and strengthens the philosophy behind the Merville residential project: wellness, the pursuit of comfort in high, refined and luxurious standards. The Me...
Body and beauty

30 August 2010

You have until Thursday 30th September to view the works of W. Alexander Kossuth, which will be on display in strategic points around the city (more specifically: Piazza Torino, Piazza Milano, Piazza Marconi, Lungomare Mike Bongiorno, Lungomare Nancy Brilli, Piazzetta Carducci, Piazza Brescia, Piazza Casabianca, the Torre Aquileia building and Piazza I Maggio), making up an open-air art trail that shows off the talent of one of the best representatives of international contemporary sculpture. Kossuth's creations explore the human body and beauty of movement, portrayed in sculptural...
Limobus up and running

26 June 2010

Saturday 26th June marked the start of the Limobus service catering to the nightlife crowd. Given the service's resounding success last year, the bus company ATVO and Jesolo City Council have decided to put the service on again this year. In the month of July 2009 alone, it carried a whopping 10,775 people, with a further 20,000-plus young revellers riding the bus just in the first half of August! Faced with such a huge demand, ATVO have added a third bus to supplement the existing two limousine-buses, which have been customized with help from Jtaca, a company owned by the cou...
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