Jesolo Magica
Zaha HadidZaha Hadid
With its inspired position, Jesolo Magica is designed to be the new urban port of the city. The project, which extends over an area of 38,000 sq. m., envisions the creation of a multipurpose shopping mall. Its solid areas are arranged like the petals of a rose around a central space covered with a skylight, where the gallery is a covered square. On the roof, three solid petal-like solid areas characterize the composition: the two petals of a restaurant with bar on the second level close off the perspective toward the south, and the smallest petal opens up toward the north. And in the middle, one gets a beautiful view of Venice Lagoon. The natural landscape penetrates between the buildings that comprise the petal, and the buildings in turn become a landmark of the surrounding area. The Jesolo Magica center features outdoor and indoor public areas, and is designed to be a place where people in the city meet, both by day and at night. The roof provides approx. 7000 sq. m. of usable terrace space. The mall also has a large gallery with an area of around 4900 sq. m. that can be used to host events, performances, and areas where people congregate and even patronize the businesses in the mall, of which 8200 sq. m. is in the food sector alone.
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