"Architecture is life"
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959), American architect
Jesolo: The city beach
The ideal which stands at the base of Jesolo urban renovation aims at a global revitalization of the town. From a simple, dynamic and sparkling seaside town, Jesolo gets ready to become a real City Beach. A seaside resort where one can live all year round by using the utilities and comfort of the city but with the climate, the relax, the fun and the entertainment offered by a tourist resort. In proportion, it is the same concept which stands at the base of the development of cities such as Barcelona, a centre of modernity, entertainment and high quality of life.

With the completion of Mestre link road and with the adjustment of the road system to enter the town, which is already envisaged by the town plan, in a short time it will be possible to live in Jesolo and move easily to work in one of the cities or manufacturing areas of the region. Jesolo is getting ready to become "Veneto city beach".
Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach