"A house is a machine for living in"
Le Corbusier (1887 - 1965), architect
Jesolo: The city beach
The town of Jesolo called one of the six greatest town planners of our time to imagine the Jesolo of the future together with the administrators: Kenzo Tange. He is the inventor of the modern aspect of Japan. He is more than a town planner, he is a humanist whose projects affected the development of cities such as Bologna, Milan, Baltimore, Edinburgh, San Francisco, and Tokyo. All his interventions concern not only building, but also quality of life, sustainable development, economic-environmental landscapes. Jesolo Master Plan originated from professor Tange's study, and it made it possible to create a single urban environment, a place no longer divided into a central and a tourist area, by marking the boundaries of a "summer town", widened to embrace the whole coast, and of a "winter town", which is spatially more limited in order to avoid dispersion of people and facilities. The road plan was reviewed and the urban expansion was organized, by planning areas devoted to nature, sport and entertainment, thus developing Jesolo attractions which are not closely related to summer and sea tourism.
Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach