"It is men, not houses, that make a city"
Thomas Fuller (1608 - 1661), historian
Jesolo: The city beach
Back in the 90s Jesolo chose to aim at total quality also in its town planning programme. Through a competition for ideas, Kenzo Tange was appointed to prepare a Master Plan for the town which was then translated into the General Town Plan. Nowadays Calzavara's administration is realizing this great project of urban planning and marketing of the territory. Through innovative timetables and methods it supports institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens that contribute to this renovation which will revolutionize and improve the planning and quality of life of the town. The General Town Plan entails:
- the creation of a large central park and of many other green areas
- the creation of new residential areas next to the centre
- the improvement of the coast area, through the reconstruction of structures for accommodation, conference and wellness facilities.
- an area devoted solely to entertainment
- the strengthening of the museum network
- the realization of areas devoted to business
- the creation of a dense network of cycle and pedestrian tracks
Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach Jesolo: The city beach